Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Students who disgust me!

Welcome to Highschool, my dear Watson where you get to hear me complain about how much school sucks!

Guess what? The students at my school are ignorant! VERY IGNORANT! Today was President Barack Obama's speech to all students of American. I am a strong supported of President Obama, thus I was interested in what he had to say.

During my lunch period my teachers set up a big screen with a projector showing the speech. Keep in mind that there are 200 students in my lunch room. 198 ignorant people. Two students however watched the speech. Those two students happened to be....DRUM ROLL PLEASE. *random drum sounds* My friend, Vincent, and I.

Vincent is very much an Obama fan. He even kicked a freshman out of their seat in order to hear the speech better. So Him and I sat as close as we could to the speakers because if you didn't sit at least 5 feet away you could hear. Why you may ask? Ah that brings me back to the ignorance of the students at my school! They didn't even bother to look up at the screen for two minutes and they were all shouting while he was speaking. I was absolutely disgusted. I understand that they want to talk more about what happened at the latest drinking party but it is common courtesy to quite down as others are trying to listen. But noooo they didn't.

You know what the worse thing about this is? When the speech was over a teacher turned on the sports channel and a football game came on. You could hear a pin drop in the room then. All 198 people stop shouting and payed attention to a football game! Isn't that just disgusting?


  1. How sad. I'd been hoping to hear from a few of my relatives with school-age kids for "insider input" on the speech. So far, the news is similar in other areas of the country.
    Major kudos for making an effort to be involved with Life though! :)

  2. I can't tell you how nice it it is to hear that at least 2 people were listening! They didn't even play it in my kid's school district. Shameful.

  3. Of course, those same students will one day describe the day that Obama tried to brainwash them with his socialist agendas.........or at least that's what their parents will tell them to remember.

  4. Thank you for sharing! In SC a front page warning in the Greenville News warned parents of the government and Obama's plans to indoctrinate young people in his political agenda. I'm not sure now why I want to weep more...because drinking parties are more important than a president who cared enough to take time from his schedule for the future citizens, for for the students who wanted to hear and could not. I had my own rant on my blog about this situation, if you want to check it out. Now I'm off to ask my son, who teaches high school, how this went in Arkansas. I think the folks who were so worried about our children being adversely affected by the president's speech underestimated the energy/noise level/attention span of most kids!